Māori personal pronouns

As promised another bit of Māori language lore today. If you’re thinking “what the hell do I need Māori for?” right now, take a glance at these guys. If you haven’t figured it out, let me spell it out  for you – you need Māori because that’s what real men speak shout in. (Ok, I’m being silly now. But, I really dp love rugby as much as any true nerd should :))

Now, let’s take a look at Māori personal pronouns.

au/ahau (I); koe (you); ia (he/she)


tāua (you&me); māua (we2-not-you); kōrua (you2); rāua (them2)

tātou (we&you); mātou (we-not-you); koutou (you); rātou (they)

It’s nice to recognise the pattern to it, isn’t it?

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