An Introduction to Islamic Revolution

One of the books I’m reading at the moment is Sadeq Zibakalam‘s مقدمهائی بر انقلاب اسلامی [moghaddame-i bar enqelāb-e eslāmi]. I can recommend it as a very good read (and good for my Persian, too) and a solid refutation of all kinds of conspiracy theories and popular myths being circulated about the policies of the Pahlavi regime and rootcauses of the Iranian Revolution. I only wish its second volume was published.

Have an eye on its author as well. His takes of the current situation, both international and internal, can be very profound and instructive.

This post is just a pretext for saying: if you want to learn about Iran, you have to use inside sources (including those sympathetic to the government). Don’t limit yourself to what’s written by Westerners or emigre Iranians. I’m not saying that insiders “know better” or are impartial – it’s just that everybody has a particular perspective and a particular bias, and if you want to understand an issue you have to look at it from as many different viewpoints as possible.  Again, I’m not saying every account is equally true (or false)…

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