After Ramadan challenge

Ramadan is over (Eid ul-Fitr Mubarak!) so an update is due. Results of the challenge are mixed and it will be continued (it makes no sense to learn a language for 4 weeks and then stop – all the knowledge will evaporate in no time). Some bullet points:

  • As was to be expected I’ve devoted the least part of my time to French. Of the three languages of the challenge is was the most sensible one to pick, and sensiblity discourages a language freak like me.
  • I was able to maintain a strict daily learning schedule only in the first two weeks or so. Later on, life kicked in. No wonder again – such things have to be predicted when making study plans – you will always end up having less time to study than you thought you would.
  • I managed to use both Irish and Armenian in real-world conversation. Very limited conversation, but still – after all, Irish is not often spoken on the streets of Tehran, is it?
  • A good thing with Irish is that even if your knowledge is not impressive, Irish people would be impressed and also slightly embarrassed, if they had already forgotten their school Irish, like 90% of them. They would also think you are a bit mental, but nevermind – an opportunity to confuse and light-heartedly tease them is worth it.

Now, as I said, I will try to continue with the three, but new challenges are coming soon. In one of the future entries I will present you with a list of languages I consider learning, asking for your suggestions.

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