It’s 7 October now, so…

First of all, sorry for the long and unscheduled radio silence. Some weeks my workload is too big to handle anything but the essentials – family life and, a distant second, real work (as in doing things I get paid for doing). It’s a pity though, as I know how deadly are weeklong breaks for this blog’s readership stats. People get bored, stop checking for updates etc.

And I can’t really blame anyone but me, as there’s an obvious and easy solution – writing new entries whenever I can but delay their publication so as to avoid the manic-depressive rollercoaster of sudden frantic activity interspaced with long periods of quiet. Anyway, I think I got my lesson now, will start to plan this blog’s activity more thoroughly and to spread it more evenly in time. We’ll see.


But we haven’t tackled the main issue yet. It’s 7 October now so the 3-week period of having free time on my hands I mentioned before starts. What about the October challenge, you would ask (would you not?). Well, what about it, then? To put it short, nothing much, as I decided to use my time wisely instead of chasing dreams. No new languages, only diligent work on those I have already started (French, Armenian, Irish).

My goals are:

– To read French daily and finally start writing in it.

– To get to the Lesson 15 or so in “Krunk Hayastani” and read Azatutyun regularly.

– Get to the end of “Learning Irish” and “Buntus Cainte 1&2”, start writing stuff in Irish.

And also:

– Finish the books I’m reading in Persian and Russian. Write a bit in these two languages as well.

– Expand my Lezgi, Mari and Ewe websites.

Wish me luck, I will try to keep you updated on how it goes.

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