About this blog

The point of this blog is…

… next question, please? It’s just a place where I post It used to be English-only, but it has become multilingual recently. As in: many languages are written here, watch out monoglots!

How to skip the it’s-not-English-I-can’t-read-it bits?

Quite easy – under the !pick-a-language node in the categories section (left-hand side of the page) you can pick posts by the language they were written in. As for now there is a great disparity between English (most of the stuff) and Polish (most of the rest) as opposed to everything else (token, badly written pitiful little postlings), but this is bound to change soon, oh yes it is.

Right, we’ve covered the medium, what about the content?

What content? Oh, it’s mainly about myself and what I find to be interesting or amusing. It’s also about languages and language-related stuff, because I find languages and language-related stuff hugely interesting and amusing.

That was a little bit on the vague side, wasn’t it?

Ah, well, what the heck – while a lot of the stuff posted here is random (look what I’ve just stumbled upon!), there are and will be some recurring themes a) profanity, especially Polish profanity; b) Persian, and more broadly, Iranian linguistics and trivia; c) non-language related stuff about Iran; d) languages I am learning at the moment (right now: Irish, Armenian, French)

There are also some projects I run which are hosted elsewhere only tangentially connected to this blog:
my pages on Lezgi and  an Ewe project by Djoubogbe and me. In addition to that I’ve just started writing a textbook for Persian – you can become a ‘beta-tester’ of sorts, if you want to, but be warned that it is written in Polish and for Poles.  Lastly, there is that Offer thing – nobody has contacted me yet, but the Offer still stands.


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