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What I read. Warzone reporting.

While Poland has had its fair share of good reporting from far-away God-forsaken countries (names to check, esp. on Caucasus: Wojciech Jagielski Wojciech Górecki and of course:  Ryszard_Kapuściński) the current affairs our-soldiers-are-there articles routinely lack any depth (and if you think American media are parochial, well, let me say we best them at navel-gazing).

Anyway, what I wanted to say is oftentimes I find myself amazed at the quality of what’s published by the likes of NY Times or Washington Post.

The recent nuggets: a readily believable story of an Iraqi cleric with a penchant for switching alliances and an equally believable account of what’s it like to live and fight in a remote firebase somewhere in Eastern Afganistan (I love C.J. Chivers’ reporting from Korangal). Both items found on Abu Muqawama, one of my daily reads.