The Offer

As a blog post this offer will soon disappear from sight, so I decided to repost it as a page.

Browsing this blog, or my webpages, you have probably noticed that my language interests have quite a broad scope. You have also noticed, I hope, that I try to share a bit of what I know, especially when the information I have is not that easy to find elsewhere, because it concerns a particularly ‘rare’ language. What you perhaps haven’t noticed – because there are no links to it –  is a particular type of project I started early this year. I am talking about making web resources for languages under-represented online having enlisted the aid of their native speakers. So far, only my & Djoubogbe Kossi Afoutou’s Ewe language project has been started. It is still less than half-done, but go check it to see what I am talking about.

After this introduction let us get to the main thing. The Offer. I may not be rich, but I certainly am financially independent and willing to spend some of my savings on languages. This means buying books and stuff but also paying for other people’s knowledge and expertise.

My Offer is: If you are: a) a native speaker of a ‘rare’ language (see below for a list of languages I am NOT interested, in anything not on that list counts as rare), and b) willing to cooperate in creating resources similar in form to those already seen on my website, please contact me for details. Preferably, you should also c) be literate in your language (if it has a standardised writing system), d) know an intermediary language [English, Russian, French, Persian, Polish, Italian would do, but I can read a number of others, so just tell me what you know] enabling you to communicate effectively, e) be computer-literate (incl. knowing how to write in your language using all the diacritics; some experience with voice-recording and editing software would be nice) and have daily access to Internet and f) have a bank account. Only a) and b) are a must, c) and e) are strongly preferred, but we can work around it. You also have to be willing to put the results of the cooperation (if any) into public domain.

Again, if you are interested, contact me for the details, including the rates (if you don’t need the money and just want to participate out of curiosity/other reasons, all the better, but I am willing to pay). The basic idea is that I would pay you for texts on a $/word basis and for recordings on a $/minute basis at rates similar to what you could realisticly charge for translations/private lessons in Poland.

The list of languages I am NOT interested in:

All Germanic languages except for Tok Pisin and other creoles; all Romance languages except for Sardinian and Aromanian; all Slavic languages; all Baltic languages; all Celtic languages; Albanian; Armenian; Greek; Hungarian; Finnish; Estonian; all smaller Baltic Finnic languages (Karelian, Veps etc.); Saami; Persian/Dari/Tajiki; Hindi/Urdu; Georgian; all Turkic languages; Japanese; Korean; Chinese; Vietnamese; Thai; Cambodian; Bahasa Indonesia/Bahasa Melayu; Swahili; Modern Standard Arabic (ask about dialects);

If your language is not on the above list, go ahead and contact me.

At the same time I am particularly interested in these:

All Caucasian languages except for Georgian; Mari; Shughni and other Pamir languages; Nuristani languages; Kurdish languages; Wolof; Akan; Yoruba; Zulu; Xhosa; Nama; Tetum; Iroquian languages;


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